Designed to cut a straight horizontal line at any height up to 6 metres by standing on the ground. Attach to a painters pole and place the roller flat on the surface in a vertical position and roll left to right or right to left. Given 2 or 3 attempts below the required heights the painter should become quite proficient at achieving a straight line. Any paint runs from the cutting in of the line can be painted out when rolling the wall starts. By adjusting the roller arm pole to suit the height, the operator can stand in and out from the wall for the correct angle until the roller lays flat on the surface.  

Product can also be used to apply Smart Metro Paint,  please click here to view

SMART Graffiti Line Cutter Roller

Always test any graffiti remover on a small, hidden area of the surface before full application to determine any negative reaction. This product is intended for exterior surface use.

Smart Graffiti® is a registered trademark. The products are guaranteed against defective materials & manufacture & are sold subject to its standard conditions of the supply of goods & service, copies of which may be obtained on request. This product information is intended as a guide for use of this product. Smart Graffiti cannot give any guarantee for end result achieved. Applicators of the products shall carry out testing and be responsible for the result.

No Ladders

Stops Operator Fatigue

Quick & Easy

No Mess

Can Be Used With An Extension Pole To 6 Metres

Ideal for use on large areas.

Chosen by commercial cleaning specialists

Simple to use

Line Cutter Roller

User Guide

Product Features & Uses

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Graffiti removal from red brick using ELITE graffiti remover


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